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Painting is art and it’s never being easy if you really want the result as u like. Painting is not that you just paint your house.it has to be looking good better and you can feel the comfort ability and freshness in your mind. The responses of the people who like to come in your home feel inspiration and feeling good to see such nice colors.

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Basically painting shows the living thoughts and enhanced you thinking criteria. Colours also shows your personality and your mind thoughts so it’s also very important that you selected rights colours and texture to feel good and enhanced your thinking some time colours give you out of the box thinking because of its glumness and perfection

How to do painting

There is always specific things that you can use best paints and best accessories where you can get perfection and reliability in apartment. We take care all of your precious things we have all equipment for painting and covering things.

Some Basic problems while painting

Once you starting paint all things are covered but some of customer wants some emergency and using things those are covered because of that paint penetrate in to it

Leakage problem some time outside of bathrooms walls where paint come out if you do even 2nd 3rd time painting.so mainly we have to resolve some leakage problem then we can put some chemical from outside to make it dry then we can paint then you get desire result.

Touch up is never be the good idea if you have big marks on wall or any leakage problem or some pen marks because once you do touch up the wall rest of wall looks little difference because of fresh paint and old paint. Touch up the wall for small areas will be fine where it’s necessary

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Spray paints

§Sprays paints normally used for painting metallic lights, wooden doors, metal doors, varnishing the furniture, tables, even all types of wooden, metal, iron painting. The finishing of spray painting is best rather then we do with hands paintings in wooden specially. We have to cover more for spray painting because small fume particles all over the place

We provide an extensive range of specialist Wall painting Services in Dubai to Residential, Commercial and Industrial, we have the expertise and specialist skills required to ensure the assignment completed professionally and on-time.We are providing professional painting services in

How to paint Old furniture

painting furniture in dubai are really nice thing to do with ease and less cost rather then you have to change complete furniture painting old furniture in dubai.painting chairs,painting frames,painting tables,painting bed and dressing table.

Some few easy step if you want to do by your self

  • first pick a color which you want to do with  glossy color or Matt  with any wooden paint shop
  • place your furniture in some dry cloth or paper or covering sheet so protect your floor
  • first clean your furniture with wet cloth to remove all dust
  • Dry it with some dry cotton cloth
  • Then apply filler where ever cracks are there and then let it dry for 3 to 4 hours
  • Once it dry then sand it with sanding paper of 400 paper no.
  • Then you can apply primer 1 coat then let it  dry for few hours
  • Once dry then paint with what color you want with brush or cotton both option you can with
  • 2 coats of paint and then you get your desired results

Painting effects in thinking

Dubai. We do residential, office, & villa painting services Jotun & fenomastic paints Working Types:

  • Villa
  • House
  • Office
  • Villa Rooms
  • Apartments
  • Studio Flats
    Bed Room
  • Any Kind of Small and Big Job

Wallpaper Services:

  • Wallpaper Applying
  • Wallpaper Fixing
  • Wallpaper Finishing
  • Wallpaper Removing

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