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Plumbing facts and figures we facing regularly:;

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Water leakage in bathroom,water leaking in ceiling,water heater leaking in ceiling,water heater leakage and repairs,water leakage in walls and ceiling,leakage water outside,leakage in waterpipe,leakage in sewage pipes,water leakage in garden areas,water leaking in rooms and corridor,water tank leaking, waterproofing not fixed properly,water leakage in bathroom tiles,water leakage under bathtub,water leakage in bathroom walls and floor,water mixer leakages in bathroom,water tab replacement and water tab repairs,water heater repairs,water heater leakage,leakage water pipelines bursts,bathroom water problem while water flow slowly because of less pressure,

 Kitchen tab leaking, kitchen sink leakage problem, leakage in the kitchen floor, leakage problem on the kitchen floor, water heater leakage in the kitchen cieling.ceilingbroken with leakage and need to fixed.shower leakage and shower pressure low, valves are leaking in the kitchen, valves are leaking in bathrooms.

Commode leakage in bathrooms

W.C smells coming in bathrooms, new commode fixing, commode tank replacement, commode tank repairs, commode repairs and new commode fixing, WC seat replacement W.C tank and full WC replacement.

Bathtub replacement, bathtub repairs, bathtub fixing bathtub drainage fixing, bathtubs smells issues are so much here in dubai.

Drainage fixing of villas, drainage fixing in apartments, drainage open and re fixed,

Tank removing, tank leaking, tanks repairs, water tank replacement, watertank leaking  and its fixing.


  Minimise  cost of plumbing & how to control damage controll:


One way to prevent cost repairs to your home is a regular maintenance schedule 

Maintenance routine tasks do yourself.just check sinks and tubs daily. Some times you will not notice minor concerns unless your side damaged with molds or seep in cabinets or tiles or floor

Leaks in sinks drains below water heater.they cause structural damage, water seeps in floor or seep in plaster contribute to mold growth, mold growth problem & how to fix mold or how to stop mold growth.

Inspection from a Www.tbnts.com proffessional plumber

Give you more in depth loot at your home pipe & drains, check the water heater & every area of your home Plumbing system.


If you go for basic plumbing maintenance plumbers can perform include.


1: drain treatment to high flow rate

2: cleaning  of garbage disposals and water heaters

3: pressure tests to detect leaks

4: water pressure assessment and fixing 


Common  Plumbing Problem & repairs



A dripping faucets also drives you water bill higher. A dripping faucet can send hundreds of galloons of water per year down your drains a drop at time.



Low water pressure in villas low water pressure in apartments.these problem basically comes from  muncipality. Because of hardwater and small stones and sand make water pressure low.

Rarely these problems comes from faucets or tabs or valves. Low pressure probably because of water pump also, sometimes low water pressure because of pipes. Firsy have to check these steps then we can get our required solution.




Normally so much issues with smell leaking comes from bathtub &wash basin, some times drainage always full with so many tissues, hairs with sands.

While you are moving in newbuildings or new villas you faced such things blocked woth cement or sand or stones which make your complete villa in trouble because of water flow all over.

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