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Low Water Pressure – What Can I Do?

Low water pressure normally happens in villa as well as in apartments.first we have to learned that what is Low water pressure. Water Pressure is a measure of the force that pushes the water through our pipes and into your property. We measure this in ‘bars’ and one bar is the force needed to raise water through pipes to a height of 10 metres.

normally we are facing these problem because this pressure or force will be generated from outside water pump motor,which control all you water flow and maintain water pressure .

another problem we seen that because of so much dust or small stones or stains make space in pipe and stays for long time and they restrict water flow and at the end you will lose water pressure

valve some time become so much rusty because of that any small part of rusty valve break and struck in other valve and so much dust stays for long time its main causes of low water pressure

Handling Clogged Shower Drain Problems

clogged shower drain problem are very regular problem people are always asking me why these things are most common everywhere.

the most common problem is hair and texture scrub some small texture particle which is go inside the  pipe and struck on it if you people just do things every month it will not happen again and again.just used hot water and put and clean your hair stuff and texture because sometime its easily solve some time you have to remove bathtub or remove tile to check pipe conditions

and most major things that dont use Any chemical because underneath may be flexible pipe which is burst and then you have to break bathtub and renovate so many thing which is very expensive

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