tiles fixing problem

tiles fixing of bathroom or in bedroom always be so graceful and unique attraction of house.if you want to do some tiles fixing in Dubai or any UAE anywhere you have to be very careful about some steps to keep you safe from later disaster

once you want to change tiles of bathroom and you already decided that you need to do some modification regarding removing bathtub or shower area making so  you have to check first thing is that the always use the best quality of tiles . if you use any class B or C or D class tiles then you would be in out of shape after few days because of sides are not equal tiles losing shape corner come out and its get more slippery then pool tiles

other thing you have to check that after removing of tiles check contractor did waterproofing good or its not good if its not good, then water goes down to other floor or walls start damaging.which is the most common things and your complete renovation of tiles in loss so be aware of these things

once you have done water proofing then pasting a tile used best glue out of cheap price glue for longer life and check the grouting that there will be no empty space for water to go underneath

once you remind these things to contractor i am sure that contractor will be alert with you and give good response and generate more safety for you to get best results out of it

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